High-End Audio Service & Upgrades

7 reasons you should bring your Hi Fi to us:-
1. We only fix Hi Fi equipment
Thatís right, we donít fix TVs & microwaves. We're the 100% Hi Fi Specialist.
2. We know Hi Fi inside and out
Which means we also know AUDIOPHILES and how particular they can be!
3. We listen to your requirements
Talk to us about cables, tweaks, acoustics, what you want from your system.
4. We listen to your equipment
The jobís not finished until it sounds right, and thatís all there is to it!
5. We make it sound better
Thatís part of the serviceÖ We fix it AND tweak it.† (modifications are extra)
6. Highest quality of workmanship
All work is carried out to original manufacturerís build quality OR BETTER.
7. Our Exclusive 12 Month Sound Guarantee.
  No risk, no hassle... Your listening pleasure is guaranteed! (see below)

Authorised Warranty Service Center
Proudly supporting the world's finest audio components:-
Accustic Arts, Acoustic Solid, Aesthetix, Audia Flight,
Audio Research, Ayon Audio, Balanced Audio Technology,
Bel Canto, Bladelius, Boulder, Ch Precision, Classé Audio,
GigaWatt, Jeff Rowland, Lamm Industries, Magico, Marten,
Martin Logan, McIntosh, Micromega, Modwright, Nagra, ProAc,
Quad, Spiral Groove, Soulution, Sutherland, Thrax, Transrotor,

Triode Corporation, Vitus Audio, Wharfedale,

Wilson Benesch, Ypsilon Electronics,
and more

Our Exclusive Sound Guarantee:-

Full 12 months parts and labour guarantee on all audio repairs.

Full 12 months parts and labour guarantee on all modifications.

We further guarantee you will be delighted with the sound of your unit after it has been modified by Clarke Audio -- if not, you may return the modified unit within 30 days and we will restore it to original manufacturer's specification and refund the full cost!

Items not covered by our guarantee:-
  • Repairs already covered under manufacturer's warranty.
  • Any repairs or modifications attempted by any another repairer.
  • Failures due to abuse, accidental damage or normal wear and tear.
  • Original parts which could not reasonably be expected to last 12 months.
  • Any special 'audio grade' components supplied or requested by the customer.

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