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Absolute Hi End - Introducing Australian audiophiles to world-class products that embody refinement and natural musicality for high quality music reproduction.

Dedicated to representing the finest audio equipment to discerning music lovers and to create a feeling of total transcendence, immersion and connection to the music.

Reference Audio Visual distributes world class hifi from around the globe, offering a vast range of products from suppliers who work to achieve exceptional sound quality at competitive prices.

We recommend that you buy your valves from a supplier who truly understands audio valves and also offers expert advice. The Valve Store also offers a state-of-the-art valve testing service!

For re-coning, re-coiling and rebuilding speakers, there's nobody better than Speakerbits. They also supply parts, phono cartridges, service and sell turntables as well as good refurbished audio gear.

Electronics hobbyists and professionals, there is one retailer who hasn't abandoned you! While others have chosen to concentrate on toys & toasters, Altronics is still hardcore tech.

The Hi Fi Exchange is a treasure trove of pre-owned audio gear if you're looking to put together a classic music system or if you're a 'champagne tastes on a beer budget' kind of audiophile, perhaps you'll find your treasure here!

Some favorite Audio sites
 The Audio Circuit

Free HiFi database that's grown from contributions by users over several years.

 The Vintage Knob This online vintage audio museum has specs and data on classic components.
 Tubecad Journal There's lots of guys on the web think they know all about tubes... And then, there's John Broskie -- who actually does.
 Stereonet This site has become a prominent online source of audio related informantion.
Unrelated... but interesting
 Formula E

The most significant event in motor racing and completely ignored by the Australian media! Scroll down for more info.

 Tesla Motors The future has arrived -- thanks to Mr. Musk!
 Rimac Automobili Croatian supercar... who would have guessed?
 Australian Synchrotron

Big science -- right here in our own back yard.

 Large hadron Collider Dear Professor Higgs, we have found your bozon!
 SpaceX Who's going to do all the heavy lifting now? Thanks again, Mr. Musk!